Medicare Japan provides comprehensive health examination (it’s known as “Ningen Dock”) a means of contributing to patient happiness through the diagnosis and prevention of diseases.

The purpose of the comprehensive health examination is to maintain health through the three major roles of the early detection of cancer, detection of lifestyle-related diseases, and the confirmation of your health condition.

In all of our Ningen Dock package, we use electronic endoscope to find small lesions.

1. Less painful

Our endoscopic examination (upper & lower gastrointestinal tracts) is performed while you are asleep by sedation*. It is free from pain. Even if you don’t use sedatives for exams, we use a thin endoscope that can diminish a vomiting reflex.

2. Electronic endoscope with observational function by special light

We use an advanced magnifying endoscopic system with NBI (Narrow Band Imaging). A combination of NBI and a magnifying endoscope enables early detection and early treatment of minute lesions such as cancers. If a lesion that can be treated endoscopically is found, it can be brought to further exams and treatment here.

3. Safety and Hygiene

Examination rooms are clean and individualized, and equipped with monitoring systems for ECG, blood pressure, etc. You can spend comfortable time on a recovery bed before and after your exams in a relaxed way. All the endoscopic procedures are being managed by monitoring systems, so safe exams are secured.